Nuance Design

We provide unique web solutions for your particular needs, and the tools and knowledge to promote and monitor its growth.

We’re Nuance, an intentionally small web design and development company based in the United States. We take on only two or three projects at a time so that we can do the best work we can and give projects the attention they deserve.

Here’s how we think of it: if you want a shirt, you can go to a department store or a tailor. The first will get you something quick, cheap, and good enough for a little while. The second will get you something that’s timeless and fits perfectly without getting in the way. It might cost a little more, but we see that as an investment rather than an expense.

If we sound like the kind of people you want to work with, then get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Josh Klina

Lead Developer

A Philadelphia expatriot, Josh recently moved to Danville, PA. He's a back-end coding guru, with particular fluency in Rails.

Josh enjoys Kubrick films and other dystopic misadventures. He's frequently taking photos off at the shore or in the nearby mountains .

Christian Reuter

Principal Designer

A North Carolina native, Christian enjoys grids, ampersands, and pushing pixels at 3200%.

He specializes in User Experience and Information Architecture, and takes pride in making things usable and intuitive.

When he's not at his desk designing, you can probably find him playing board games, tramping through the Smokies, or hanging out with his dogs.